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Cost of membership For the beautiful summer days, we are fortunate to have a wonderful golf league which organises various tournaments and activities at our club.
Members in good standing
History Affiliation requirements:
Photos gallery The following conditions must be followed to be a member :
Other activities * Must be a social member of the Curling Club (see cost of membership).
Links * Must pay annual fee of 10,00$ to the golf league.
Contact For the right to:
St-Anicet Golf Club
* Golf: 25,00$, Cart: 12,50$
* Alone in cart (1 person): 15,00$
* Weekdays, anytime.
* Weekend & holidays, from 12:00 PM (noon)
* Reserve tee times (450) 264-3511.
Committee members:
Ronald Garand   (450) 747-3840
Mario Brisebois   (450) 377-5048
Claude Perreault   (450) 601-2604
Jean-Guy Boily     (450) 371-7251
Valleyfield Curling Club Golf League